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Baseball Has Begun (yet again) and that comes with predictions

by Asherredsfan
Baseball is back, and I am as excited as anyone. As you can tell from my Gravatar and username, I am an enormous Reds fan. I am also a huge baseball fan in general. I am very optimistic about the Reds season and I am sure it will be exciting, surely with some surprises. I am now posting my predictions for each division below. In the comments, please leave your predictions for any or all the divisions. Thanks, and enjoy the season.

My Predictions

NL EAST                    NL CENTRAL
1  Braves                    1 Reds

2 Nationals (WC)   2 Brewers (Wild Card)

3 Phillies                   3 Cardinals

4 Mets                        4 Pirates

5 Marlins                 5 Cubs

NL WEST              AL EAST

1 Giants                1 Rays

2 Dodgers            2 Orioles(WC)

3 D-Backs            3 Red Sox

4 Padres              4 Yankees

5 Rockies            5 Blue Jays

AL CENTRAL                       AL WEST

 1 Tigers                                  1 Angels

 2 White Sox (WC)              2 Rangers
3 Indians                               3 Mariners
4 Twins                                  4 Athletics
5 Royals                                5 Astros